Beryl's Milk Chocolate Compound Block 1kg
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Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
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Beryl's Milk Chocolate Compound Block 1kg

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***Sorry that we could not 100% guarantee the product condition when deliver to you as we are using 3rd party shipping company.We will pack with bubble wrap and TRY OUR BEST to minimize the risk of damages and protect your goods during shipping. Please bear with us and thank you for your understanding. ****
Temperature-sensitive Item - Chocolate
Kindly aware that this item might be slightly melt during delivery.
Please put it in fridge for a while before using it.
Only recommend for those who use it for Melting Purpose.
No return or refund for this product.
Thank you for your understanding

Produk sensitive suhu - Coklat
Sila ambil perhatian bahawa produk ini mungkin akan sedikit lembik / cair / bentuk ubah semasa penghantaran. Kami tak boleh 100% guarantee condition bila hantar sampai kat customer sebab kami guna 3rd party utk delivery. Kami akan bungkus dengan bubble wrap dan cuba mengurangkan kerosakan semasa penghantaran Poslaju.
Simpan peti sejuk sebelum digunakan.
No return or refund for this product.
Terima Kasih kerana memahami.


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Beryl's Milk Chocolate Compound Block 1kg